New Idea , New Vision

We are a curious team of creative IT people believers, thinkers. We are customer-centric and crazy enough to innovate and create new opportunities and who want to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs and enterprises by providing our skills and resources to build customized and reliable software solutions ,Our leadership team comprises of highly experienced, trained executives from the IT industry

200+ Global Customers
100+ Happy Customers
8k+ Subscribers

Our Story

University graduation marked the beginning of our journey. As the top students in our department, we were the best. So, we decide: Why not use our skills and research to bring Kurdistan's technology to a higher level? Our mission is to help individuals expand their companies by using technology. by creating a visually attractive application, a modern website design, a complicated database management system, and outstanding graphic design to increase usability and user interaction.

Our Team

Ashraf Atam Mustafa
Web Developer - Database Specialized
Botan Shivan Mustafa
Graphic Designer - IOS Developer
Alend Ashti Abduljalil
Full-Stack Application and Websites Developer - Desktop Software Developer
Avan A.Mustafa
Digital Marketing-Social Media Management